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Third Life: Campaign 4

Welcome back, contestants

Third Life returns to the Clovercraft server! This season boasts a larger than ever list of contestants, a new collection of mods to spice up gameplay, and a hand crafted world with everything needed to reach end game. Early registration has now closed, which means our schedule is set. Veterans and new players alike are invited to register to play if they have not already. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we have planned.

Third Life: Rules

If you’re new to Third Life, here’s how this works.

We will be playing in a custom modded SMP, with a relatively small world border. The server will only be available during designated campaign sessions, which will be every other Saturday evening, from 6pm to 9pm CST, starting December 3rd.

Each player starts the game with three lives, or in other words, you can only die three times.

  • First Life (Green) – Play together with other players, or on your own, to build up resources just like a normal SMP. You are not allowed to attack other players directly, and may only defend yourself from direct attack from players on their third life.
  • Second Life (Yellow) – Same rules apply as your first life, but you only have one strike left.
  • Third Life (Red) – On your third life, you are now hostile. You may attack other players, and while they can’t attack you first, they can retaliate and defend themselves.

Ultimately, the goal of the game is to be the last one standing. Get ready, and do what you must do to survive and be the Victor!

Server and Client Mods

To play in the Third Life campaign, you MUST be running the Clovercraft: Third Life Campaign 4 modpack. Proximity chat is a core feature of the game, and many of our server-side mods will not work with a vanilla client. We’ve added a few new goodies to explore, here’s an overview of everything.

  • Arcanus brings magik to the world of Third Life. Make yourself a wand, find some spell books, and surprise your enemies with ranged attacks and magical barriers
  • Charm of Undying extends the available trinket slots in your inventory to add a space explicitly for holding Totem of Undying items. Now you can carry that spare life with you without cluttering your hotbar.
  • Copper Rings add, well, copper rings. Craft these trinkets out of copper and various gemstones to grant the wearer extra status effects.
  • Cosmetic Armor allows players to equip a second set of armor that displays over their default slots. Now you can show off your fashion sense, while maintaining that full netherite protection.
  • Neat adds useful tooltips above entities, providing their name, health, and armor status
  • No Hostiles Around Campfire adds a protective feature to campfires, allowing them to burn nearby hostile mobs.
  • Status mod (as seen on Hermitcraft) gives us a new server-integrated menu to display your status while online. Set yourself available, off, or do-not-disturb for voice chat, and give others a heads up when you’re streaming or recording.
  • Simple Voice Chat provides us with in-game proximity voice chat features.
  • Traveler’s Backpack brings a much needed expansion to the standard Minecraft inventory. Build your backpack, then use it to store extra items, tools, and fluids. It even comes with a built in sleeping bag and crafting table.
  • Voice Chat Interaction extends our voice chat system, allowing players voices to trigger sculk sensors and shriekers.
  • Wonderous Wilds adds features back into world generation that didn’t make it into the Wild update. Explore new birch forests, track down fireflies, and spot the elusive woodpecker out in the wild.
  • Xaero’s World Map & Mini-Map give you a fully client-side map of the world that generates as you explore, and allows players to set waypoints to mark important locations.

If you’re using MultiMC as your Minecraft launcher, you can find our modpack right in their new instance menu, just search for “Clovercraft.” Otherwise, you can find and download the modpack on the Modrinth project page.


If you aren’t already, head on over to this signup form to register for the campaign. New players are welcome! You will need to join the Clovercraft Discord to play.