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Third Life: Campaign 3

You’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s here! Clovercraft is proud to announce our third campaign of Third Life, as inspired by Grian & Crew.

For those new to Third Life, here’s a quick run-down of how we run these in our community.

Campaign sessions last 3 hours, and happen once per week. We’re planning to run this campaign on Saturdays, starting January 8th, 2022. Missed session time CANNOT be made up. If you miss more than 2 sessions, you are disqualified from winning the final title. This is to make things fair for everyone playing. Missing sessions means you’ll fall behind in gameplay, but it also means you’ve had less time exposed to the risks of the game, which gives you a substantial advantage.

The Third Life modpack includes a proximity voice chat functionality. You are required to be on proximity chat, to the extent possible. Use of Discord voice chat during Third Life sessions is strongly discouraged and should only be used in cases where proximity chat is malfunctioning.

In order to play Clovercraft Third Life, you must be a whitelisted member of the Clovercraft SMP.

Campaign Rules

  • The world is pre-generated with a 1500 block world border (-750 to 750 on the x and z axis)
  • There is one enchantment table on the surface at 0x 0z. No further enchantment tables or bookshelves may be crafted
    • Discovered bookshelves and tables may be used
    • Moving the Enchanting Table from its original position is strongly discouraged
  • All players start the campaign with a randomly chosen number of lives between 2 and 6
  • Lives may be transferred to other players voluntarily using the /trigger LastLifeGive command
    • This will give one of your remaining lives to the player closest to you. Be careful, giving away your last life will end your run!
  • Each session, a Boogeyman is chosen at random
    • The Boogeyman’s identity is secret. They could be anyone with a green or yellow life
    • The Boogeyman must kill one player with either a green or yellow name in order to be cured
    • If The Boogeyman does not get cured, they fall to 1 life at the start of the next session
    • If you are The Boogeyman, any and all agreements you have with other players are ignored until you are cured. This means you can kill your allies
  • Green and Yellow players cannot openly attack other players, unless they are The Boogeyman
    • Green and Yellow players are encouraged to work together to gather resources, build bases, and work to survive the threats that are presented to them
    • Green and Yellow players may retaliate against Red players who attack them, but cannot pursue them if the Red player chooses to run
    • Green and Yellow players may retaliate against The Boogeyman if they are certain the player attacking them is The Boogeyman
    • All players are allowed to set traps, steal resources, and otherwise grief other players as they see fit
  • Red players are allowed and encouraged to attack others at will
    • Once you have fallen to your last life, your nametag will turn red. You may choose to abide by the agreements you had before this point, but you are no longer bound by them
    • Your only goal once you are a Red player is to be the last surviving player
  • Use of mods that are not part of the official Clovercraft Third Life Modpack is strictly prohibited, with the following exceptions.
    • performance optimization mods such as Lithium, Sodium, and Optifine
    • Shader mods such as Iris and Optifine
    • The Replay Mod for gameplay recording
  • All standard rules of the Clovercraft SMP apply to the Clovercraft Third Life server, except where they would conflict with the rules above

Server Modifications

Various changes are made to the Third Life server. Most of these are here to enable the Third Life game mode to function, but here are some notable things to keep in mind that are different from the Clovercraft SMP

  • Multiplayer Sleep is not available. You must survive the night unless you can get everyone in a bed.
  • Mini-maps are restricted to the Fair Play edition. This means no entity radar.
  • There are no claims, and no chest protections. Everything is fair game.
  • Several recipes have been changed, as shown below

Clovercraft Third Life Modpack

The official Third Life modpack is the only allowed client for Clovercraft Third Life. A download link and setup instructions will be added to the Player Guide before the start of the campaign.


By registering for Clovercraft: Third Life Campaign 3, you agree to all of the above rules. The registration form will ask you for your availability on Saturdays for the foreseeable future. Please select all time slots that you can make work, keeping in mind that sessions run for 3 hours. We will do our best to find a time each week that everyone who registers can play!

We’re also asking folks who might be interested in recording gameplay to please let us know! Hopefully we can put together some footage from this campaign.