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Third Life Campaign 2 – Getting Set Up

Hello! So, you’ve registered for Third Life and you’re excited to get into the game. But first, we need to get you set up with the right mods!

There’s two paths here, depending on what kind of Minecraft account you have. If your player account is a Microsoft account, you’ll need to use the standard launcher. If you’ve still got a Mojang account, you can use MultiMC. Read on for instructions!

What Mods are Included?

We’re running a Fabric MC instance for this season, so you’ll need the Fabric jar file for your instance. In addition to Fabric, you’ll need the following mods:

  • Antique Atlas (v6.1.0)
  • Enhanced Celestials (v2.0.8)
  • Fabric API (v0.40.1)
  • Iris (v1.1.2+build.9)
  • Lithium (v0.7.4)
  • Mouse Wheelie (v1.7.3)
  • Simple Voice Chat (v1.17.1-1.1.9)
  • Xaero’s Minimap (21.16.0) [fair play edition]

Setup using MultiMC

If possible, the preferred setup for this modpack is using the MultiMC launcher. To use MultiMC you must have a Mojang account. Microsoft accounts are not yet supported.

Setup steps:

  1. Download the MultiMC launcher from their website.
  2. Extract the downloaded folder to somewhere safe (I keep mine on my desktop)
  3. Open the MultiMC folder and find MultiMC.exe
    1. (optional) right click this file and pin it to your start menu
  4. Run MultiMC.exe (double click, or click in start menu)
  5. In the top right corner, click the dropdown to add your Mojang account
  6. Download the exported MultiMC instance here: CC Third Life C2 Instance
  7. In MultiMC, click “Add Instance”
    1. In the left-hand menu of the dialogue box, select “Import from Zip”
    2. Click “Browse” and find the zip file you downloaded in step 6
    3. Hit “OK” to finish the import

Setup using Vanilla Launcher

Setting up the mods using the vanilla launcher is also possible. To do this, follow the instructions on this page. Once you’ve completed those setup instructions, download this zip file and extract it into the mods folder for your instance. There are instructions for finding your mods folder on the Fabric setup instructions.

If you have any trouble getting set up, please post in the #support channel on Discord.

See you all in game!