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September Newsletter

Howdy hey Minecraft friends! It’s time again for our biggest announcements of the month, so read on to keep in the know about what’s coming up on the Clovercraft Discord and SMP!

Staffing Changes

It’s hard to understate the contributions that Daisy has made to Clovercraft over the months we’ve been running this place. She’s been a member of the server since before we even had the concept of seasons. Like all of us, however, Daisy also has other parts of her life to balance with her role here at Clovercraft. While it was a hard choice to make, Daisy will be stepping down from the Admin team at Clovercraft, effective immediately.

Daisy’s not going anywhere though, and will be staying on our Staff team as a Build Moderator. We’re looking forward to seeing what marvelous things she dreams up now that she’s got a little less pressure on her handling all of the other server aspects that the Admin team is responsible for.

On a related note, we are thrilled to announce that our very own Roopants McGee will be stepping up from her position as a Moderator to join the Admin team so we can keep everything balanced and steady going forward! Roo has been a member of Clovercraft since the early days, and has been a steady and reliable part of what’s made this community and SMP so much fun to be a member of.

September Events

Weekly Events
All of our usual weekly events have been added to the calendar on Discord, so make sure to check those out and mark yourself interested for the ones you’d like to attend! We’re going to make an effort to get back to hosting our usual Saturday night Game Nights on the Discord this month, and we hope to see you there.

Monthly Quest
September marks our first ever Monthly Quest on the SMP! We will be running a custom server quest each month going forward. All players are invited to participate. Each monthly quest can only be claimed once per player, unless noted otherwise. Hop online and participate in this limited time event to claim your reward!

Conquer The Fiery Seas
On a grand adventure, Pirate Snark found a treasure while searching the lava lakes of the Nether (oh yes, the pirates of the bayou sail the spicy seas as well as the salty ones). Hidden in the burning waves they found a gemstone of pure fire. After some experimenting, they discovered it could be used to brew the most amazing of potions. Only a few of these rare potions could be made from the gemstone, but it is said to grant those who drink it the ability to swim in the lakes of hell itself

Extend any of the main nether hub hallways a minimum of 16 blocks, following the existing pattern. Common resources are available in the hub, though players are encouraged to donate materials.

One potion of Greater Fire Resistance. This potion can be used three times, and grants the player 30 minutes of fire resistance.

September SMP Events
We also have some exciting in-game events coming to the Clovercraft SMP this month. Exact dates for most of these haven’t been pinned down just yet, but watch the @events-smp tag for more information soon.

Pirates Treasure Hunt!
Take to the seas of Clovercraft and seek out the sights and treasures of the world. This event will be taking place in the later half of the month, more details coming soon.

Grayhelm Horse Track Grand Opening
Join the citizens of Grayhelm at the newly constructed horse racing facilities on the western end of the city! Players are encouraged to stop by the track ahead of time to register their horses to race, and then bring them with day of. The track area is still under construction, but expect a date for both the opening of registration and the event itself soon!

Builder Of The Month

Margrave Minette is our Clovercraft Builder Of The Month for September!

Minette joined Clovercraft during Season One and has been a joy to play with. Their builds are always fantastic adventures to explore. This month, we’re specifically recognizing Minette for his contributions to Soulguards Keep, the massive settled ancient city in Season Three.

Technical Updates

Not a lot going on here. Biggest news is we’ll be re-implementing regular reboots to the server to keep things running smoothly, effective this month. Reboots will be scheduled to happen once a week on Tuesday mornings, around 3am CST.

The other technical news to keep an eye out for is our upgrade to 1.19.2. The server and plugins we run are almost all updated at this point, we’re just waiting for some of the official modpack mods to catch up. Once we’ve got a stable version of the server and both modpacks available, we will be upgrading the world. There will be some downtime during this process while I make a backup of the world so we have a clean copy in case anything goes wrong. Updates related to this will be posted in the #server-status channel.

Upcoming Alt Server: Pixelmon!

Staff are currently in the process of putting together the server and modpacks required to support an additional new server! We’re looking at running a Pixelmon server. This server would only be available in limited time windows, and there will be a limited number of slots available. More information on this to come over the coming month.

New Member Highlights

Last month was a good month for new members! All our new friends have been great additions to the Clovercraft community, and we’re excited to have them here. Everyone make sure to be extra friendly and helpful if you see them around the server.

Last month’s new members were:

Dr Limbani (@TeddyA#7173)
Echo (@echo#7446)
Ember (@Ember#7790)
Cosmic Charlie (@Rem lezar#7573)
Ονίας (@Ονίας#0230)
Piper (@piiper#8337)
Cedar (@Happy lil neko nya~#3968)
Akilth (@Akilth#3192)
RewardMyGhost (@RewardMyGhost#7934)
Wild Meep (@Wild_Meep22#6998)
welyk (@welyk#6430)
comchi (@comchi#5909)
V (@V ❔#1954)
Hat Kid (@hatkid#4563)
Fawn of the Moon (@FawnoftheMoon#3538)
Barmy (@Barmy#6276)
Violet (@violet#6773)
Sorta Just Lost (@Sorta Just Lost#7530)
Crusty Chrus (@crusty chrus#9538)
Ebidy (@ebidy#7291)
AJ Salinas (@AJSalinas#3851)
nonbinary (@nonbinary#6359)

One Last Reminder: Donate!

Clovercraft is an entirely volunteer operated server. Our staff team works hard to make sure you can have the best experience possible in our community and on our SMP. If you’re able, joining our Patreon helps to ensure that we can continue to support this community with the best hardware and services. All donations go directly to supporting the costs of operating the SMP, Discord, and related tools we use to manage the community.

Clovercraft is and will always be free to join and play on. Donating is entirely optional, but we hugely appreciate the support that your donations show us. Thank you to our patrons for your continued support.