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Seasons Change

Hello Minecraft friends!

Exciting news! Minecraft 1.17: Caves & Cliffs update pt.1 has been announced for release June 8th! Which means the time has come to say goodbye to our Season 1 world. Details on what’s coming next are below. We’ve also got this quick season 1 wrap-up survey that we’re asking all members to fill out.

The last time you will be able to log on to the server as-is will be June 29th. If you have projects you want to wrap up, or builds you’d like to have available at the start of the War event, now’s the time! The server will be offline for one day on June 30th, during which time I will be making a backup, adjusting various settings, and generally getting us ready for what’s coming next.

The entire world backup, as is on the last day of the season, will be made available for members to download if you would like to revisit it in single-player or with your friends. The only thing we ask is that you don’t re-launch that world as a separate public server. The leadership team and all of our members put an exceptional amount of effort into crafting the world, we want you to have those memories, but please don’t abuse them.

Season 1.5: The War Season

On July 1st, the server will come back online. This marks the start of our War Season. As many of you have already noticed, various factions have started to form. The world of Clovercraft is split between those who follow Goose, and those who follow (other?) Goose(?). Honestly, I’m a little fuzzy on the details. BUT! A war is on the horizon. Find your allies. Prepare your fortifications. Battle begins July 1st.

The world will be the same as it was before, except:

  • All grief protection, mob grief protection, PvP protection, and claims will be turned off
  • All players will be required to be in bed in order to skip the night. (there is darkness in war, you can’t always avoid it)
  • All warps will be removed with the exception of the ones listed below. If you need to build up vanilla transport, you’ve got one month. For the war season, the available warps will be:
    • arctic (spawn)
    • village
    • end
    • nether

The war season will run for two weeks, ending on July 14th. During that time you have free reign to do whatever you please on the server. The intent for this season is to be a more roleplay-focused season, so lean into story a little more, have some fun with it. Also in the spirit of roleplay, a few guidelines:

  • If someone has built something that’s clearly supposed to be secure, and it’s reasonable to assume a person wouldn’t just break down the wall, don’t just break down the wall. Play within the “rules” of the constructed world. Yes, your pickaxe can probably just dig past their fancy door, but where’s the fun in that?
  • This is war, but we’re also still all friends. If someone seems genuinely upset about something that’s happened on the server or during an event, please do what you can to help them out. People are likely to lose things, including bases they’ve spent hours on, in this season. Even if you signed up for it, that’s hard.
  • Remember! At the end of the day, this is Minecraft. We’re all here to play a game and have fun with our friends. If you’re familiar with LARPing, just pretend it’s those rules.

Clovercraft: Season 2

And now for the exciting part: The Season 2 Announcement!

Right now our plan is to launch Season 2 on July 15th, running Minecraft 1.17. That is subject to change if Mojang pushes back the 1.17 release date.

Season two will feature all of the great parts of Clovercraft you’ve learned to love, in an entirely new world, on the newest version of Minecraft. Plus!

  • A more cohesive warp network
    Warps will be placed in central locations at major cities, and one at each landing zone in the Nether and the End (once we’ve been there.) Aside from that, the only other warps available will be your personal /home.
  • New City-State System
    Major regions will now be operated in a city-state system. city-states are the only locations for overworld warps. There will be a few leadership-managed city states, however players are welcome to create their own as well. In order to establish a city-state, you need five or more regular Clovercraft players based around a central location. Once you’ve reached that milestone, reach out to the leadership team and we’ll get you set up!

    You are not, of course, required to make your own city-state or even live in one. If you just want to go build off on your own, that’s totally fine! There are a few perks, however. Namely: your own local warp, voting power in The Capitol on major server events, access to extra funds for building materials at the general market.

    Right now, we have the following city-states planned:
    • The Capitol – This is where warp will be, along with a variety of community services, and the admin castle. It’s also the central location all event spaces will be built around. The Capitol will be managed by the entire leadership team.
    • Arcadia – A shining city of modern elegance bathed in natural greenery. Arcadia, managed by Zenfrii, will be a modern city build with player lots available, a large city-center for trading and warp, and various satellite factories.
    • Eldershire – The city embodiment of LadyDaisy’s aesthetic, Eldershire is a cottage/fantasy/vintage-core city surrounding a large central mansion, all hiding away in the forest.
  • Technical Improvements – Various bits of the server are falling a little bit behind, and we’ve found some faster ways to do some of the things we need. Mostly you won’t notice these except for (hopefully) a reduction in any lag you might have been experiencing. Some quality of life changes that will be noticeable:
    • AFK Display – we’re adding a datapack that will mark players who have been idle for 5+ minutes as AFK
    • Fast Leaf Decay – waiting for leaves is annoying. let’s not.
    • Player Head Drops – now, when you kill another player, you get their head! (this one’s just for fun)

And that’s about it. I know this was a longer announcement, which is why it’s coming out as a blog post and not a message. But hey, lots of exciting changes to talk about! One last thing, with the start of Season 2 just around the corner, now’s a great time to start thinking about who you might know who’d like playing on the server. It’s always fun to start out a fresh world with a good sized group. We’ll be announcing a first-night kick-off event here when it gets closer to the time.

Thanks all, and praise Goose.