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Season 3 Server Update

Minecraft 1.19 has been out for a bit, and Clovercraft has officially updated with the start of our Season 3 world! While much of the server has remained the same between seasons, here’s some important updates for you to know!

New Cities

A new world demands new lore! This season brings an all new capitol, along with our new cities of Bullfrog Bayou, Evercrest, Grayhelm, and Serpenfurr. You can read more about them in our post announcing the new cities.

Minecraft 1.19

We’re up to date with Paper 1.19! PaperMC, which is the Vanilla variant we use for running the server, has released a 1.19.1 update, but some of our core plugins are not yet available for that update. We will upgrade the current world to 1.19.1 when possible.

With the release of Season 3 on 1.19, we will be updating all of our official modpacks. MultiMC releases have already been patched, and you can find those on our player guide. Updated versions of the modpack will be coming to the Technic platform shortly.

Hard Mode

By popular demand, this season of Clovercraft we are running on hard difficulty. You can read about the full list of things this changes on the Minecraft wiki.

All players start in the Season 3 world with a full starter kit, and each city warp location has been made safe from any mobs, so no need to worry when logging in.

World Border

In the pre-season survey we asked you what you’d like to see for a world border, and the majority vote came in for a 20,000 block border! We’ve set this up centered on our world spawn. This should give us a good amount of space to spread out, while keeping everyone close enough together to play as a group.

Whitelist Status

If you were whitelisted in Season 2, you will still be whitelisted in Season 3! The same goes for bans. If you have any trouble connecting, please open a support ticket on Discord.

As a reminder, in order to maintain whitelist status on the SMP you must be a member of our Discord server. If you are found to be on the SMP without being on the Discord, you will be given a single warning before being removed from the whitelist.


We’ve added a new plugin this season that allows our members to use Bookshelves as storage for a variety of book type items! You will only be able to store books, book & quill, and enchanted books in Bookshelves. You can access bookshelf storage the same way you access a chest, and it even has a cool animation!

Pro tip: Surrounding an enchanting table with bookshelves that have a single enchantment stored in them will increase your odds of getting that enchantment out of the table!

Central Shopping District

One of our biggest problems in Season 2 was players not being able to find what shops were available on the server. To fix this, we’ve opened up a central shopping district at The Capitol!

Plots are available on a first come first serve basis, and come with a few requirements from the player who claims the plot. If you’d like a shopping district plot, please open a support ticket on Discord and staff will assist you in claiming the land you need. Shopping district plots will not count against your overall claim blocks.

Central Industrial District

Our players love to make farms. And we love to see the ingenuity you put into developing incredible resource generating monstrosities. These do, however, have a pretty heavy impact on the server and last season we had a LOT of duplicated efforts here.

To help reduce server performance impact and to cut down on the number of identical structures we’re building, the Governing Council will be working with staff to create an official Engineering Corps for the server! This group will be in charge of building massive scale farms, the resources from which will be available to members of each city. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this in the coming weeks, including ways to get involved.

More In-Game Events

We’re really excited to explore the new world with you! As part of that, we want to make sure we’re engaging our membership inside of Minecraft more often. We will be dedicating one of our monthly game nights to an in-game event each month this season. In addition to that, each city is planning to host their own events and activities to get folks even more involved! Watch the Discord server for opportunities to play with your friends!