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October Newsletter

Welcome one and all to the month of zombies, witches, and ghouls! It’s time once again for our big monthly update, so let’s get into it.

Events This Month

We’ve got a busy month ahead of us with both Discord and SMP events popping off left and right. Of course we have our ongoing weekly events with Game Night and our Magnus Archives listen through. On top of that, here are some things we’ve got planned so far.

Planchette’s Live DJ Mixed Sets

Cole is going to be hosting a live DJ mixed set every Thursday at 7:00PM CST at this link: No worries if you can’t make the times, though: they get uploaded to mixcloud 45 minutes after the set ends, so you can listen at your leisure, anytime! Requests can be taken during the livestream, but please try to keep any requests as genre-adjacent as you can.

Here are the themes for each week of October:

  • Week 1 (Thursday, Oct. 6th): Goth/Deathrock/Horrorpunk
  • Week 2 (Oct. 13): Futurepop/Synthpop/Light Industrial
  • Week 3 (Oct. 20th): Industrial/Aggrotech/Harder EBM
  • Week 4 (Oct. 27th): EBSM/Hard dark EDM

Banshee’s Horrorfest

One of our Scotland members, Summonbanshee, will be live streaming a horror movie every night for the month of October, starting at 10:00PM BST! Here’s a list of what will be available all month, and we’ll be creating discord events on a weekly basis for members to RSVP to.

Halloween Town Build Contest & Festival

To celebrate the autumn season and upcoming nights where the veil grows thin, we will be hosting a Build Contest & Festival in the new Halloween Town located in Bullfrog Bayou!

All members are invited to come and show off their skills in a Halloween-themed build. Your build will be submitted for judging based on these criteria:

  • Build quality
  • Adherence to the theme
  • Use of natural surroundings
  • Inclusion of multiple hiding locations

We’ll have pre-mapped plots available for all to choose from, and the judging will be held on Saturday, October 29th, with games like hide and seek and “Warden Chicken” to follow.


The Clovercraft merch shop has been updated with all new merch YOU CAN WEAR!! This update has been a long time coming! New merch includes Clovercraft Logo shirts, hoodies, kids shirts, and stickers. We think we saw some goose merch somewhere in there too.

You can purchase merchandise to rep our awesome community in style on the merch shop, and remember, Praise Goose!!

Technical Updates

From a technical perspective, the server continues to be stable and we’ve got things in a pretty good spot. The cool thing about this, is it’s giving us space to expand into new ventures! With that in mind, here are some new things coming to the Clovercraft SMP starting in October.

Custom Items

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now opening up custom items to all members of the server! This means that anyone can submit a custom item design, and we’ll add it in. Because this can be an exceptionally powerful tool, we’ve got some pretty strict guidelines in place for custom items.

  • Item must not violate any of the Clovercraft server rules.
  • Item must be submitted to staff as a fully finished Block Bench model.
  • Item must only be decorative. If your custom item would replace a common tool in your kit, such as a sword, it will have exactly the same stats and functionality as the item it is replacing. You will also need to sacrifice the item you wish to replace in order to receive your custom item.
  • Custom items are not allowed to be sold in player shops.

If you are interested in submitting a custom item for approval on the SMP, pick up the Custom Items role from the #role-select channel on discord, and create a new item thread in the Item Forge forum. Custom item models can only be updated once per week during our regularly scheduled Tuesday update patches.

Server Quests

The staff team has been hard at work putting together Quests under our new Quest Hall & Garden initiative, and we’ve seen a huge response! We’ll keep working on adding these to the server, but we want to also open the door for our members to submit quests they’d like to see in the world. If you’ve got a quest idea, feel free to reach out to the staff team through a support ticket and we’ll work with you to get everything set up. Staff are authorized to use minimal creative resources to enhance quests, but the over all quest development is being done in survival, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your quest concepts.

Looking Forward

We’ve had a few folks ask us about our Seasons and reset schedule. Right now, the biggest thing on the horizon is the upcoming 1.20 patch. We still don’t have any real information about what this update might include, so it’s hard to say what it will mean for the server. There have been some rumors that 1.20 could come as soon as late November, but there’s no official schedule as of yet. If the update does come late this year, the goal will be to extend the Season 3 world in to the 1.20 update. As of right now, no major changes are planned for the SMP.

Builder of The Month

This month we’re proud to announce Zhag (Zhagoul) as our Builder of the Month! In recognition of his grand contributions to the city of Grayhelm in the construction of the city’s main roadway. Zhag also has an astounding home base build, which members can find by following Grayhelm’s main road all the way to the Eastern end.

New Member Highlights

We had a busy month for new members, and are thrilled to welcome in so many new friends! Everyone send a warm welcome to these folks if you see them around!

  • AlexPaps
  • Cici Sneko
  • SauerPower
  • jojojo ana
  • Gaius
  • ChamIsHere
  • Aligs
  • Prism Sidhe
  • Werewolf Apologist
  • Lanie
  • Macci37
  • Slainlight
  • Jams
  • Lex
  • Sight
  • Jαcκ
  • Queenie
  • Rayne