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November Newsletter

Alas, the time of ghosts and ghouls is past us. We had a blast with all of the community events and activities over the Halloween month, so here’s a big shout-out to everyone who helped make October a fantastic time to be a part of Clovercraft. If you haven’t already, head over to Bullfrog Bayou and check out all the amazing builds in Halloween Town.

Coming to Clovercraft SMP This Month!

A new month means a new monthly quest! This month we’re sending our scouts out to the far corners of the world to discover lands unknown. Ready for a grand adventure of discovery? Swing by The Capitol and visit Quest Hall to check out the details. In addition to our monthly quest, we’ve got news from Capt. Snark of an alarming message in a bottle from an old friend. Stay on the lookout for an update when they decipher the message, and a new adventure may be just on the horizon.

Server Performance Check-In

Over the last month we’ve seen evidence of a higher than normal level of performance disruption to our SMP. Much of this seems to center around our hosting providers network capacity, but it’s hard to know for sure without member feedback. To help get a better understanding of how the server is performing for our members, we’re asking everyone to fill out this form and let us know how their experience on the SMP has been lately.

As a general update to the technical side of things, we’ve been exploring a handful of different options that could improve server performance and consistency for our members. Zenfrii has been working hard to get more automation and infrastructure in place, which will help to free up his time and allow more members of the staff team to handle more technical tasks. One of the biggest parts of this is the new website that we’re putting together, which will come with a slew of new features and ways for our members to showcase their work and collaborate with each other. We’re also looking at options for other hosting providers that might have better uptime and network performance. No big changes planned just yet, but that’s what the feedback from the form above will help us decide.

November Events

While October was a busy time for the server, November is likely to be a bit quieter. We’ve got details about our regular weekly events below, and not much is formally planned at this point. With that in mind, members have been building up a new mini-games district just outside The Capitol, and the idea of putting together some mini-game tournaments has been floating around, so keep your eyes open for news about that!

Weekly Game Nights
As usual, we’re hosting our weekly game nights on the Discord server every Saturday at 5pm Central Time. If you’re not familiar, we put out a poll mid-week so our members can vote on what games to play Saturday evening. Keep your eyes on the #polls channel to cast your vote!

Podcast Bookclub: The Magnus Archives
For all our horror fans out there, we’ve got good news! Just because Halloween has passed doesn’t mean we’re done with the creepy stories. Our weekly listening sessions for The Magnus Archives, a horror anthology podcast, continue. Join us each week on Tuesday at 7pm Central Time as we listen to Jon, Martin, and the rest of the Magnus crew explore the depths of human fear.

Builder of the Month

This one’s well past due, and while the build that’s inspiring the award in still under construction, we would be remiss to not recognize the tremendous skill and effort that Angeles has been putting in to their cathedral build, just behind the main hill of Grayhelm. From the smallest detail to the overwhelming scale, the cathedral build has been a wonder to watch grow and the consistent progress that’s made every time you travel past is a sight to see. So, to our resident silent builder and long-term project leader Angeles, congrats on all the hard work and thanks for making Clovercraft SMP your building home.

Starting this month, we’re changing up how we’re doing the Builder of the Month award. Any time during the month, members are invited to nominate other members for the award. Then, towards the end of the month the staff team will put out a poll so everyone can vote for the winner! The link to this form can be accessed both in Discord and on the SMP using the /nominate-link command.

Staff Changes

Our most eagle eyed of members may have noticed some changes to our staff team of late. There’s been no drama to mention or big changes that need to be handled, but we did want to give you all an update on the Staff team list since it’s changed a bit recently. So, as a refresher, your staff team members are as follows

Admin Team


Moderation Team


New Member Highlights

Each month we like to take the time to welcome all the new (and returning) faces who have joined our community since our last newsletter. Everyone be sure to help our new folks feel at home in the wonderful community you’ve helped to create.

  • AustinSaturday
  • Looting
  • Nona
  • Mic
  • Lex (the second of their name)
  • VeryBadDeveloper
  • Spitfire
  • Serpentine69
  • Bishop
  • Junjie
  • Dom
  • MicPickle
  • Maple