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Introducing the Season 3 Cities

Hello and welcome to the Central Region of our brand new world! Centered on the coast line of a wide expanse of a crystal clear ocean, you join for the first time and spawn at The Capitol. Spread across the region are several cities just waiting for you to leave your mark. Without further ado, here are the wondrous new locations you might call home in the Season 3 world!

A postcard featuring a large ship with furled sails. the text reads "Bullfrog Bayou; Privateers Paradise"

Bullfrog Bayou

Privateers Paradise

A pirate city and smugglers cove based upon the spirit of adventure! Whether you be sailing the high seas or exploring the dangerous caverns below, our city is all about adventuring together and pooling our resources to build the most raucous, lawless city around! (Although we be pirates, we live by a code of honor, not to be despoiling or plundering other players builds and loot.)

A postcard featuring the view from a complex lush cave ravine looking up into a dark oak forest. The text reads "Evercrest; The Unrelenting Cog"


The Unrelenting Cog

Crafty and secretive, the true scope of Evercrest remains unknown to wandering eyes. This city resides within a crack in a dark forest. The people who dare to reside within Evercrest’s natural stone walls walk among lush flora and cold waterfalls. Water is the unfeeling force that powers this city that never sleeps—save for the looming darkness that slumbers deep within Evercrest’s heart.

A postcard features the image of a large cliff face with a blue flame atop it in the dark of night. The text reads "Grayhelm; Forge of the North"


Forge of the North

Grayhelm is a high fantasy themed city that was founded by traveling craftsfolk. Coming from a long line of dedicated creators and scholars, the city has a focus on high end crafting and spiritual wealth. Our citizens are the best of the best in their chosen craft, and we take enormous pride in dedicated hard work. The Everflame sits at the tip of the Earth’s Anvil, and is our guiding light.

A postcard features an image of a looming black stone castle atop a high mountain at dawn. The text reads "Serpenfurr; The Looming Shadow"


The Looming Shadow

Serpenfurr is a medieval, gothic themed city, inspired by European cities of the Middle Ages. Living on a mountain has made it’s residents tough-skinned fighters. But despite the appearance of a ruthless city with a temperamental leader, secrets lie at the heart of Serpenfurr that only her members will unlock.