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Commands, Guides, & Community Info

Clovercraft is more than a Minecraft server.

We are an active, adult community that shares the common interest of Minecraft, gaming and making friends. If you are interested in joining, please follow the “Join” tab above to get started.

We only have a few rules here at Clovercraft:

1) Racism, transphobia, homophobia and overall harassment will not be tolerated. We are an adult community that respects all players from all walks of life. 

2) This is an adult only (18+) community, both on the Discord and in-game.

3) Bullying and generally offensive comments/jokes are not permitted. If a joke is only funny to yourself, you may not want to say it to others. We do not take offensive behavior lightly.

4) No NSFW content. Expletive cursing or joking is allowed, but overtly sexual or pervasive content is not tolerated.

5) Please introduce yourself on our Discord and in-game! We’re all here to make friends, so get to know each other.

6) Make friends and have fun!

Read below for general helpful tips and guides to get you started in-game

Vanilla Minecraft, with some extras

  • Claim Management
  • Villager Shops
  • Economy
  • Public Warps
  • Home Warps
  • Grief Prevention
  • Proximity Voice Chat

Server Guides

The following links provide information on how to enjoy the Clovercraft server at its best. There is also general command information on this page for quick reference.

  • Joining the Server
  • Getting Around the World
  • Managing Claims
  • Economy: Getting Started
  • Economy: Opening up Shop
  • Setting up Voice Chat

Home and Warps

Get around the world faster with a personal home and public warps

  • /sethome to set your home location, or to update it
  • /home to warp to your personal home
  • /warps to get a list of public warp locations
  • /warp [location] to warp to a public warp
  • /tpask [player] to ask another player to let you teleport to them
  • /tpaccept to accept an incoming teleport request
  • /tpcancel to cancel a teleport request
  • hint: Teleporting with a pet? Make sure someone is in the chunk you’re leaving so your pet comes with you!

Shops and Economy

Set up shop to sell your goods for a profit, or visit other players shops to buy what you need!

Player shops are available in the Arctic Market. We’ve set up large plots for custom built shops, or if you don’t feel like being fancy, get started right away by using one of the stalls at the flea market.

You can purchase a Villager Shop spawn egg from the Admin Shop, then place it where you’d like your shop to be and right click to start setting things up.

Every new player starts with $100 of in-game currency, and you can sell materials to the General Store to make more cash.


  • /bal to see your current balance
  • /baltop to see who’s got the most cash on hand
  • /pay [user] [amount] to pay another player directly
  • /vm move to move a Villager Shop if it gets placed wrong

Other Useful Commands

  • /msg [player] [message] to send a private message to another player in-game (note: admins can view private messages)
  • /givepet [player] to transfer ownership of a pet to another player