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December Newsletter

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last month of 2022! Despite the odds, we’re almost through the year. But hey, you’re here for server updates right? So let’s get into it!

Our Lovely SMP

We’ve gotten a good number of new folks on this month! With new players comes opportunity for more expansion of the world, and further development of the lore. If you’re hanging out around the shopping district, you’ll notice some new bridges helping you navigate to and from Capitol Island.

We also want to highlight new expansions in all of the major cities over the last few months. The scale and breadth of what we’ve built together is truly stunning, and we’re thrilled to see everyone working together to make the world unique and interesting to explore. If you haven’t yet, swing by the stables in Bullfrog Bayou and take a ride along the shoreline highway, connecting all the way to Grayhelm!

Beyond the cities, there are some true frontier developments out in the wider world to discover. From communal player bases, to unique builds from established members, there’s plenty to be found beyond the borders of the central region.

Discord Changes Incoming!

As our server continues to grow, we’ve taken a step back to look at how we’ve got things organized, and there’s some pretty major changes around the corner! Don’t panic, everything you’ve come to love about the Clovercraft community is still here, we’re just moving things around to hopefully make it easier to find the right spots to engage.

A few high-level things to be aware of as we restructure the Discord server.

  • Voice channels are now going to reside in their relevant category, rather than separated into their own block. This will make it more obvious where to hop on when you want to hang out.
  • A few channels will be getting removed or renamed. This is mostly to get more consistency and clarity of purpose throughout the server.
  • We’re combining the Item-Forge and Quests-and-Builds forums into a single SMP forum, which will be the new home for all longer term projects on the SMP.

If you have any questions about where to find things after the restructure, feel free to reach out to staff and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Server Events & Activities

Cole will be hosting a live DJ set every Sunday at 3:00 PM CST called Planchette’s Spiritual F*ckery on the Discord server. Events will go up soon so watch within the next few days to mark your attendance if you’re interested!

Our Secret Santa event approaches! For those participating, gifts of $20-$30 US Dollars will be given by your secret Santa and will be opened during a live server event! This date is still to be determined so if you’ve opted in to this event, watch the channel for future updates.

A new season of Third Life begins this Saturday, December 3rd at 6:00 PM CST, and takes place every other Saturday until one person remains alive. Alliances will be made, broken, and remade, chaos will reign, and friendships will be tested! Zenfrii will be streaming all third life sessions via Twitch, so even if you haven’t opted in to play, you can come and enjoy the danger and the drama.

Builder of the Month

We’re excited to announce this month’s Builder of the Month is Lex! Their outstanding work on building bridges around the capitol has made the area both easier to navigate, and provided a much needed aesthetic improvement to the edges of our lovely central city. Cheers, and thanks for pitching in!

As a reminder, any member of the server can nominate a player for Builder of the Month any time, using this form.

New Member Highlights

We like to start off every month here by showing some love to all the awesome people who joined in the last month, and wow. 15 new members!! Two more than last month!

So, let’s shine a light on:

  • Haktaru
  • Pong
  • Fujin
  • Elsweyr 
  • Paula
  • Kay
  • Alasdair 
  • Rowan
  • Reign
  • Kay (two Kays in one month!)
  • Ley
  • Kyni
  • LittleGray 
  • Keonity

Welcome to Clovercraft y’all! We’re so happy you’re here!

Community Conduct Reminder

We’ve seen an increase lately in inappropriate behavior on the server, as well as members disregarding reminders from moderators about the server rules. Up until this point we’ve taken a light-handed approach to moderation, which has worked because our members have behaved in good faith and followed the rules they agreed to when joining our community.

We would like to continue to approach moderation under the assumption that our members are behaving in good faith, and that breaches of the rules are happening rarely and by accident. However, if the behavior we’ve seen over the last month continues, we will need to adjust our approach and enforce the rules more strictly.

You can read the full server rules in the Server-Rules channel, but a few examples of recent behavior that has been causing concern for the staff team:

  • Clear NSFW behavior in voice channels
  • Memes and Quotes that push or clearly violate the boundaries established on the server
  • Disregard for moderation team redirection and the server rules in general

Please, work with us on this. Our rules are in place to ensure that everyone who joins our community can be comfortable in the space we share, they are not arbitrary. We want to work with you to build a space that is uplifting and welcoming to everyone, and that effort becomes substantially more difficult if we need to use punitive measures to ensure the server rules are being followed.