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Clovercraft Third Life Campaign 2

Alright folks, it’s time. The crew of us that played through the first CC Third Life campaign had so much fun that we’re doing it again! If you’re not familiar with Third Life, please read the details below before signing up. If you played in the first campaign, feel free to jump to the “New in Campaign 2” section.

Once you’re done getting acquainted with the game mode, please scroll to the bottom of this post to register for Campaign 2.

What Is Third Life?

Third Life is a semi-hardcore minecraft game mode, created by popular Minecraft YouTuber Grian. Here’s the basic premise.


The core concept of Third Life is that every player starts with exactly three lives. On your first life, your name tag is green and you are a co-operative player with the rest of the members of the campaign. Work with each other, or on your own, to build up your resources, armor, tools, and get a base started.

On your second life your nametag turns yellow. You’re still a co-operative player, but this serves as a warning to both yourself and others that you’ve only got two lives remaining. Continue playing as normal, but be careful! Dying again puts you on your third and final life.

On your final (third) life, your nametag will turn red. You are now a hostile player, and your only goal is to out survive everyone else by whatever means necessary. Hostile players, unlike players on their first and second life, are allowed to initiate PvP combat. If you die on your third life, you’re dead for good. You will be locked in spectator mode, and the campaign is effectively over for you. You’re welcome to continue coming to campaign sessions and observing, but you won’t be able to play.

Limited PvP

In Third Life, players with green and yellow nametags are not allowed to initiate PvP combat. In fact, unless you are on your third life, you’re not allowed to attack other players at all. The only exception to this rule is if you have been attacked by a red player. Once a player on their third life (red) initiates combat, you are welcome and encouraged to defend yourself to the death.

If you are in combat with a player on their third life, and they attempt to escape, they are no longer considered in combat if they manage to move more than 32 blocks away from you without taking damage. At this point, the battle is over and you may not continue attacking.

Equal Play Time

All players are given equal play time on the server. This is managed by having scheduled sessions where the world is available, in three hour periods. Two things to note on this — First, it’s in your best interest not to miss sessions. Missed time cannot be recovered. Second, players are not allowed to join the campaign after the second session. If you missed the first two, or weren’t registered before the campaign started, you’ll have to wait for the next one.

Close Quarters

One of the defining features of the Third Life world is that you have an extremely limited space to work with. A world border is set at 700 blocks (± 350 blocks from spawn) to keep all players close together. This both encourages teamwork with base building, and makes life a bit more dangerous once folks start turning red.

No Helmets!

Partially as a tribute to the original Third Life campaign by Grian, and partially to increase difficulty, players are not allowed to wear helmets in Third Life.

Limited Modifications

In order to support some of the game features while maintaining a level playing field, there will be an official mod pack for CC Third Life that all players must use. This will add features like fast leaf decay, AFK player display, gravestones that allow you to collect your belongings, and more intense combat with mobs every 7th in-game night during the Blood Moon.

Currently the following mods, datapacks, & resource pack are planned for campaign 2 of CC Third Life. You can follow any of the links below to get more details.

If you want to add cosmetic touches like resource packs, or recording utilities like the ReplayMod, you’re welcome to do so. However, most mods not listed above should not be installed on your client, including world maps. If you’re not sure if a given mod or resource pack would violate these rules, please check with the Game Master, Zenfrii.

Main Server Rules Apply

All gameplay and community rules from the main Clovercraft server apply to Third Life (except where they conflict with specific Third Life game rules.) This means if you’re caught using X-Ray or other cheat techniques, harrassing members, or otherwise acting in bad faith, the appropriate consequences will be applied. As a reminder, cheating on any Clovercraft server is grounds for an instant ban from the community.

To go along with this, you must be a member of Clovercraft’s main discord server to participate in CC Third Life. Feel free to invite your friends to join us!

New in Campaign Two

A handful of things have been changed from our first time through! I think these changes will make for a more engaging and enjoyable experience, but I’m open to any feedback you might have. Just leave any notes in the registration form below!

  • Official CC Third Life Modpack — To help cut down on confusion and inequality in client setup, we will be publishing an official mod pack for use on the Third Life server. This modpack, along with install instructions for both MultiMC and the Vanilla launcher, will be posted to the website before the start of the campaign.
  • Official CC Third Life Mod — Rather than using one of the available pre-built third life datapacks out there, I’m building us our own custom mod to manage the plethora of rules involved in third life! This will manage things such as:
    • Removing helmets from the crafting recipes / loot tables
    • PvP rules & combat escape distances
    • Nametag colors & life rules
    • World border
    • Death messages / life notices
    • Player scores
    • End of Session warnings
    • EDIT: While this is a lovely idea in theory, Forge mods are a headache and a half to build. As such, we’re holding off on this for this campaign. We might revisit this concept in the future.
  • Blood Moons — We’re giving the Blood Moon datapack a shot! This changes a few things about the game, but only at specific times. Every 7th night in-game will be a blood moon. During a blood moon, players cannot sleep, mods spawn with increased difficulty, and drop more XP and better loot. It’s dangerous on blood moons, but risk pays for rewards.
  • No Make-up Time — One of the biggest challenges we faced in campaign one was managing how much time everyone had available to them on the server. In the end, we hosted a couple of make-up sessions for players who had missed time previously. This season we will not be hosting make-up time, and the server will only have a 15 minute grace period at the start and end of a session. This effectively means that you are responsible for any time you might miss. If you fall behind, it’s up to you to catch up.


That’s about it! If all the above sounds good to you, please fill out the form below to register. Right now I’m planning to start Campaign 2 in the first week of October. Registration will close two days after the first official session.