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Season 3 Server Update

Minecraft 1.19 has been out for a bit, and Clovercraft has officially updated with the start of our Season 3 world! While much of the server has remained the same between seasons, here’s some important updates for you to know! New Cities A new world demands new lore! This season brings an all new capitol, […]

Capitol City Building Competition

For the last two weeks, Clovercraft hosted a building competition in our capitol. The goal was to build something near our central spawn island and Capitol City that would add to the city, and eventually get used in a game of hide and seek! Many players participated, and we were blown away by the contributions […]

Third Life Campaign 2 – Getting Set Up

Hello! So, you’ve registered for Third Life and you’re excited to get into the game. But first, we need to get you set up with the right mods! There’s two paths here, depending on what kind of Minecraft account you have. If your player account is a Microsoft account, you’ll need to use the standard […]

Seasons Change

Hello Minecraft friends! Exciting news! Minecraft 1.17: Caves & Cliffs update pt.1 has been announced for release June 8th! Which means the time has come to say goodbye to our Season 1 world. Details on what’s coming next are below. We’ve also got this quick season 1 wrap-up survey that we’re asking all members to […]