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Capitol City Building Competition

For the last two weeks, Clovercraft hosted a building competition in our capitol. The goal was to build something near our central spawn island and Capitol City that would add to the city, and eventually get used in a game of hide and seek!

Many players participated, and we were blown away by the contributions everyone made to the Capitol City. What was once a single building in a mostly empty field is now a lively city with lots of different buildings and creative scenes. Below is a gallery of some of the fantastic builds from the competition. Screenshots barely do justice to these works of art, though, so you’d better hop on the server and take a look around yourself!

HuggyPaws Mansion, First Place
Pohatu’s Waffle House, Second Place
Zhag’s Shipyard, Third Place
Sean’s Picnic Scene, Honorable Mention
Fizz’s Goose Altar & Labyrinth, Honorable Mention