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ACE Railway Project

Dear Clovercraft members,

It is with great excitement and some trepidation that I announce today the beginning of possibly my largest project on the Clovercraft server yet — the Arcadian Continental Express (ACE) Railway.

ACE Railways will have stations in all the major City-State’s, linking our world together in a network of overworld rail systems. The construction of Wavecrest Station in Arcadia is well under way which brings me to the next step in the project, determining future station and stop locations.

I will be working with each head of the City-States to determine where they would like their train station located. Beyond that, I hope to bring railway services to our more distant members. To that end, if you’d like the train line to run to your area, please fill out the form below!

This is a large project, so please do not expect railway services to arrive at your location in the next few days. However, having an early idea of where the trains need to run will allow me to plan out a much more logical railway system. I will announce progress on the Discord server as I continue construction.

If you would like to assist in this project, feel free to reach out on Discord! Volunteers and donations are welcome. That said, contribution to the project is not required to request a stop.

As a note, if your location is too close to other requested locations or a central City-State, your stop may be combined with others near by to create a regional stopping point that is convenient for everyone near by.

All the best!